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A Few of our Favorite Things

© Gaschwald | For all of us, there is no greater joy than watching a rhino calf romp and…View Full Release »


Here’s what your support has achieved in one African reserve.

In the midst of continuing rampant poaching in Africa, IRF’s core values – hard work, passion, partnership, and optimism –…View Full Release »


Zimbabwe's Lowveld Region

Zimbabwe’s Lowveld region is home to significant black and white rhino populations, including those inhabiting hundreds of thousands of acres…View Full Release »


Bowling for Rhinos Events Update

The Los Angeles Zoo’s chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK) recently held its annual Bowling for Rhinos…View Full Release »


Kudos to the Kudu for Squaring Off with a Rhino

It’s what you might call a mismatch – a 500- to 600-pound greater kudu squaring off with a white rhino…View Full Release »


Rhino Art? You be the judge.

Rhino art: a “butt painting” made by Stan, a popular white rhino at the North Carolina Zoo.


African Rhino Conservation Highlighted at this year's WCN Expo

The Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) held its annual public Expo at San Francisco’s Mission Bay Conference Center last Saturday, featuring…View Full Release »


2013 State of the Rhino

All five rhino species are threatened to some degree. Populations of two species – greater one-horned and white – were…View Full Release »


"R" is for Rhinos: Reserves

“R” is for Rhinos … and also for Reserves The idea of raising rhinos on private reserves is certainly not…View Full Release »


How Long Can a Rhino's Horn Grow?

Fast Facts About Rhinos and Their Horns By Sectionov, Indonesia Liaison, IRF The horn on a rhinoceros is very different…View Full Release »