World Rhino Day is September 22!

World Rhino Day is a day of awareness for all five rhino species and the work being done to save them. Since 2011, World Rhino Day has been celebrated internationally on September 22nd by rhino experts and advocates around the world! On World Rhino Day, the International Rhino Foundation celebrates the five species rhinos and all those who care about them. Join us on Team Rhino as we ‘keep the five alive.’

World Rhino Day 2024

World Rhino Day is on Sunday, September 22, 2024. Please join us online as we’ll be sharing news, stories and posts about rhinos all day.

Help Rhinos this World Rhino Day

More info on World Rhino Day 2024 coming soon! In the meantime please see below for ways you can help rhinos any day of the year.

  • $5 can purchase one microchip to be implanted into a rhino’s horn in Zimbabwe, so monitors can track and protect the animal.
  • $25 can pay for hiking boots for a ranger to walk hundreds of miles on patrol in Namibia’s arid desert, keeping rhinos safe.
  • $50 can buy food and supplies for a sniffer dog that tracks poachers in Southern African rhino reserves.
  • $250 can provide a one-month supply of medicine and supplements for all 8 rhinos at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary in Indonesia, some of the last of their species.
  • $500 can purchase a motorbike for rangers investigating illegal wildlife crimes in India.

With your help, we can save rhinos from extinction. Thank you for joining us!

Thanks for your support Team Rhino!

Ways to Celebrate World Rhino Day

Stay Informed

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Help Spread Awareness

Share our posts or make one of your own and make sure to tag us (Facebook: @InternationalRhinoFoundation ; Twitter & Instagram: @rhinosirf) and/or use the World Rhino Day hashtags: #WorldRhinoDay #WRD2024 #TeamRhino #KeeptheFiveAlive

Wear the Gear

Show everyone you’re a part of Team Rhino by wearing your favorite rhino items. We’ve got new colors of Team Rhino shirts, IRF hats, and even some rhino gear for your four-legged friends!