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Whose Team are you on?

Rhinos need you on their team

Anyone can be on Team Rhino. If you love rhinos and want to do more to help them, you can use your voice to advocate for them. No matter how small the action, when we’re all working together, we can make a HUGE difference for rhinos. Rhinos need our help now more than ever. Rhinos need you on their team.

Wear the uniform

Sport the Team Rhino jersey. No matter your size -or species- you can suit up and cheer on rhinos to victory.

Take the pledge

Lend your voice to save rhinos from extinction.
Join the fight to stop poaching and help us preserve the world’s rhino population.

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Use these quotes and images on your social media pages to raise the awareness of rhino conservation.

  • I joined Team Rhino because I refuse to sit on the sidelines and watch rhinos be poached into extinction. Whose team are YOU on? Join #TeamRhino at

  • We’re losing rhinos everyday. Join @RhinosIRF & #TeamRhino for a win on #WorldRhinoDay Visit

  • Rhinos need 5 minutes of your time. Get 5 friends to give $5 on this #WorldRhinoDay Visit to donate. #TeamRhino

  • I’m a Team Rhino MVP. Whose team are YOU on? Join #TeamRhino at

  • I joined #TeamRhino to defend rhinos from poachers. Whose team are YOU on? Show your spirit.

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Your fellow teammates

Members of Team Rhino are doing whatever they can to stomp the competition from poachers and cheer on rhinos to victory.
Share your action shots with #TeamRhino and we might display it here!