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Sumatran Rhino Art Exhibition: Indonesia’s Hidden Treasure Collaboration for Sumatran Rhino Conservation

In an effort to raise awareness for the critically endangered Sumatran rhino, Tim Badak is hosting a 3-day inspiring art…View Full Release »


Illegal Fishing with Electricity Was Discovered by Rhino Protection Units

Written by Hanif Muhammad, IRF Indonesia Liaison While patrolling in Way Bungur, part of the Way Kambas National Park in…View Full Release »


Happy New Year from all of us at the International Rhino Foundation! #TeamRhino



Rhino Protection Units in Sumatra stop Illegal Loggers

Several months ago, in Way Kambas National Park in Sumatra, Indonesia, home to one of the world’s only remaining populations…View Full Release »


Together we can do GREAT things!

Deep in the jungle of Way Kambas National Park in Sumatra, Indonesia, a team of park rangers and IRF-funded Rhino…View Full Release »


Rhino Protection Units Catche Illegal Loggers at Way Kambas National Park

As reported by the Way Kambas Rhino Protection Unit Based on tips by local villagers that live in the surrounding…View Full Release »


Community Member Turns Over Weapon to Rhino Protection Unit

  The population of Sun Bear (Helarctos malayanus) is being threatened by illegal hunting in Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park…View Full Release »


RPUs Catch Forest Encroachers at Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park

Reported by Heri Pasiman, Summarized by Hanif Muhammad An integral part of our work in Sumatra is gatehring intelligence to…View Full Release »


The New Rhino Protection Units are Ready for Work in 2017

After a rigorous interview process and intense training, the new RPU teams are ready to start patrolling Bukit Barisan Selatan…View Full Release »


We’re shouting it from the rooftops – THANK YOU!

© Nilanjan Bhattacharya | All of us at the International Rhino Foundation would like to thank you for your…View Full Release »