Rhino Protection Units in Sumatra stop Illegal Loggers

Several months ago, in Way Kambas National Park in Sumatra, Indonesia, home to one of the world’s only remaining populations of the elusive Sumatran rhino, a group of local villagers contacted the National Park authority with a tip about illegal loggers operating in the park, destroying precious habitat for rhinos, tigers, elephants and tapirs. The National Park authorities assembled a team of park rangers and IRF-funded Rhino Protection Units to search the forest and apprehend the loggers. After a day-long boat trip up the river, and several hours of trekking in the deep jungle, the team found and captured nine perpetrators, confiscated their tools and logs, and turned them over to the police, making this critical habitat a little safer for the many endangered species that call it home. #TeamRhino

Learn more about IRF-funded Rhino Protection Units in Indonesia.

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