Illegal Fishing with Electricity Was Discovered by Rhino Protection Units

Written by Hanif Muhammad, IRF Indonesia Liaison

While patrolling in Way Bungur, part of the Way Kambas National Park in Indonesia, a Rhino Protection Unit, led by Asep Setia Wahyu (a ranger from Way Kambas National Park) found signs of an illegal fishing camp.

Illegal fishing equipment

A few days later, in the early morning hours the RPU team heard sounds of canoeing activity inside the park. After a two-hour stake-out, the illegal fisherman were arrested and the gear confiscated as evidence.

After an interrogation and further search of the location, one bag of fish, electricity tools, 100 fishing rods, flashlight and sickle were found. After all the evidence was collected, the suspect was then transported to the national park head office for the next phase of the investigation.

Thank you to our Rhino Protection Units for protecting the wildlife and the forests!


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