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Finding Hope for Rhinos Amid Loss

  Warning — Graphic Description Below Desperately trying to stay near her mother’s body after she was killed by poachers,…View Full Release »


Rhino Experts Oppose Synthetic Rhino Horn as Solution to Poaching Crisis

Global Advocates Warn Against Unintended Consequences of Synthetic Rhino Horn Trade STRASBURG, Va., June 26, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — A San…View Full Release »


IRF Statement on Hunt of Namibian Black Rhino

While the International Rhino Foundation does not condone the hunt of a Namibian rhino bull under the permit auctioned by the Dallas Safari Club, it is legal under Namibian and United States law, as well as under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).


Reducing Asia's Demand for Rhino Horn

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Portrait of a Rhino Poacher, Part II

As the International Rhino Foundation re-launches Operation: STOP POACHING NOW, we have carefully considered how to tell the story of…View Full Release »


They need your protection now more than ever.

We didn’t think rhino poaching could get much worse. But it has. Halfway through 2014, poachers are killing at least…View Full Release »


De-horning Rhinos

De-horning rhinos is one method sometimes used to discourage poachers. The procedure does not harm the rhino, which is immobilized…View Full Release »


Rhino De-horning

Rhinos are sometimes de-horned to discourage poaching.  This rhino from Zimbabwe has been tranquilized for the procedure, which causes the…View Full Release »


A Shameful Record: Offical 2013 South African Rhino Poaching Stats

The numbers are in. The government of South Africa recently announced that a record 1,004 rhinos were poached last year,…View Full Release »


New Attention Towards Recent Rhino Extinctions: Western Black Rhino

The emerging debate around the recent announcement of the Dallas Safari Club’s plans to auction a trophy hunt for a…View Full Release »