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Training dogs for Anti-poaching Patrols

Some training programs require staff to don full-body, protective suits when training dogs for rhino anti-poaching patrols.


Your help is urgently needed to fight poaching in Southern Africa

Driven by demand from growing markets in Vietnam and China, the poaching crisis in Africa continues. Well-equipped, highly-organized, and dangerous…View Full Release »


‪#‎TakeYourDogToWorkDay‬: Rhino Dogs

Rhino dogs are hard-hitting, frontline soldiers in the fight to save rhinos. They’re loyal, agile, tenacious and brave — and…View Full Release »


Help Save Rhinos Through Photography!

The International Rhino Keeper Association (IRKA) is creating another Rhino Conservation Calendar, so it’s time for another rhino photography contest!…View Full Release »


Because of YOU… This Dog Has A Job Saving Rhinos

Rhino dogs are critical in the fight to save Africa’s rhinos. A well-trained dog and its handler are powerful weapons against wildlife crime.


Operation: Stop Poaching Now – Rhino Dogs

Operation: Stop Poaching Now Over the next few weeks, We will be sharing 10 Ways to Fight Rhino Poaching —…View Full Release »