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Beginning of new era of hope for rhinos in Burhachapori-Laokhowa in Assam, India

Written by Bibhab Kumar Talukdar, IRF Asia Coordinator The second major phase of Indian Rhino Vision 2020 gained momentum on…View Full Release »


Because of You, Brand New Babies Thrive in a New Indian Rhino Population

Two weeks ago, we celebrated the birth of the 13th Indian rhino calf in Manas National Park. The newborn rhino…View Full Release »


Just in time for World Rhino Day…

With new life comes new hope. New hope for Javan rhinos is reflected in this video of the newest members…View Full Release »


The Upside for Indian Rhinos

The past year will go down as one of the darkest on record for rhinos. We can’t ignore this unfortunate…View Full Release »


Wild Asian Water Buffalos in Kaziranga National Park

In addition to harboring the world’s largest population of greater one-horned rhinos, India’s Kaziranga National Park is also home to…View Full Release »


Don't get too close!

Although many tourists who visit India’s Kaziranga National Park experience the thrill of seeing wild greater one-horned rhinos up close…View Full Release »


Rhinos and Elephants: Friends or Foes?

The notion that rhinos and elephants are mortal enemies dates back hundreds and thousands of years, as can be seen…View Full Release »


The Rhinos of Assam, India

As we ambled along on elephant-back, shrouded in the morning mist, or rattled along bumpy, dusty roads, surrounded by the…View Full Release »


Floodwaters in Kaziranga National Park, India

Seasonal flooding due to monsoon rains is a serious problem for greater one-horned rhinos in northern India, with several deaths…View Full Release »


Why Did The Rhino Cross the Road?

Why did the rhino cross the road?  This greater one-horned rhino in India’s Kaziranga National Park may have wanted a…View Full Release »