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Happy World Rhino Day!

Today, we celebrate rhinos – those magnificent, horned beasts that inspire our wonder and touch our hearts. They’re big. They’re…View Full Release »


U.S. To Burn Rhino Horn Stockpile -Takes Stand Against Rhino Horn Trade

TRADE IN ENDANGERED SPECIES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED September 8, 2016 – The International Rhino Foundation (IRF) lauds the US…View Full Release »


It’s a Girl! Rare Sumatran Rhino Gives Birth At Indonesian Sanctuary

  LAMPUNG, Indonesia — The International Rhino Foundation (IRF) is pleased to announce the birth of a female rhino calf…View Full Release »


#MeetUsMonday: CeCe Sieffert, IRF Deputy Director

All of us at IRF are passionate about rhinos, with a 23-year track record of helping them to survive under…View Full Release »


Andatu’s Almost A Big Brother!

You already know how excited we are for the new Sumatran rhino baby. Well Andatu, the big-brother-to-be, can’t wait to meet…View Full Release »


IRF Staff Visits Cincinnati Zoo

IRF Program Officer Bill Konstant recently visited the Cincinnati Zoo, where he gave a presentation about the world’s rarest rhinos…View Full Release »


Boneyard: Three At-Risk Animal Species in Africa

 Boneyard: Three At-Risk Animal Species in Africa Re-blogged courtesy of SuperScholar Source: SuperScholar.org