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Illegal Fishing with Electricity Was Discovered by Rhino Protection Units

Written by Hanif Muhammad, IRF Indonesia Liaison While patrolling in Way Bungur, part of the Way Kambas National Park in…View Full Release »


RPUs Detect Illegal Logging while on Patrol in Way Kambas National Park

(reported by WKNP RPU Arief F., summarized by Muhammad Hanif) This fall, the Rhino Protection Units working in Way Kambas National…View Full Release »


U.S. To Burn Rhino Horn Stockpile -Takes Stand Against Rhino Horn Trade

TRADE IN ENDANGERED SPECIES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED September 8, 2016 – The International Rhino Foundation (IRF) lauds the US…View Full Release »


Way Kambas National Park Rhino Protection Unit (RPU) Arrest Illegal Agarwood Gatherers

By: M. Rahman (RPU Field Coordinator) and Inov (IRF’s Indonesia Liason) Five teams of four-men, known as Rhino Protection Units…View Full Release »


Please Stand with IRF in the Fight Against Wildlife Crime

We are dealing with an unprecedented level of illegal trade in rhino horn, which threatens to dismantle decades of conservation…View Full Release »


Dismantling Illegal Settlements in Indonesia's National Parks

One of the tasks assigned to Indonesia’s Rhino Protection Units is to dismantle illegal settlements within the national parks, which…View Full Release »


Rhino De-horning

Rhinos are sometimes de-horned to discourage poaching.  This rhino from Zimbabwe has been tranquilized for the procedure, which causes the…View Full Release »