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Looking Back and Charging Ahead in 2015

Last year will go down as one of the toughest years for rhinos on record. But because of you, the…View Full Release »


Operation: Stop Poaching Now Fundraising Update

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The Colors of the Rhino

White rhinos aren’t white and black rhinos aren’t black. All rhinos are essentially grayish-brown, but often take on the color…View Full Release »


Just veggies for us rhinos, thanks.

Rhinos are entirely vegetarian and their diets include some plants that contain potentially toxic chemicals. The candelabra euphorbia, for example,…View Full Release »


Give a Hand for Rhinos

Through the end of the year, the International Rhino Foundation will be sharing the latest information on the status of…View Full Release »


On the Road with IRF: The 2013 International Rhino Keeper Workshop

The International Rhino Foundation is proud to partner with the UK’s Save the Rhino in support of critical rhino conservation…View Full Release »