Looking Back and Charging Ahead in 2015

Last year will go down as one of the toughest years for rhinos on record. But because of you, the International Rhino Foundation helped some good things happen too. Here’s a brief review of what we’ve been up to.
The fight on the front lines of the rhino wars in Africa continues. Through Operation: STOP POACHING NOW, you helped to build new guard posts and ranger quarters, and purchased a new radio system so that guards can respond rapidly to poaching incursions in two important protected areas.
Your support promoted community information sharing three African countries and provided critical support to our partners at StopRhinoPoaching.com and the IUCN African Rhino Specialist Group. You also enabled us to give a grant to Education for Nature–Vietnam to develop a public awareness campaign for demand reduction and targeted efforts to strengthen law enforcement and promote stricter punishments for wildlife crimes.
Thanks to you, Zimbabwe’s Lowveld Rhino Trust , our main black rhino program in Africa, was able to continue intensive monitoring, management and protection efforts In Bubye Valley and Save Valley conservancies, and to keep poaching levels low. These conservancies, together with the Malilangwe Reserve, hold to close to 90% of the country’s rhinos.
With our partner, Wilderness Safaris, we quietly established a new population of black rhinos in Botswana’s breathtaking Okavango Delta. (We have kept this on the Q-T because of poaching pressures.) Click here to see a video of the translocations.
In Indonesia, you helped ensure the survival of Sumatran and Javan rhinos — the two most threatened large mammals on Earth. Our Rhino Protection Units have seen another year with no poaching of Sumatran rhinos in Way Kambas and Bukit Barisan Selatan National Parks. We’ve had zero poaching of Javan rhinos in Ujung Kulon National Park and completed construction of the Javan Rhino Study and Conservation Area, expanding the useable habitat in the park by nearly 5,000 ha.
In India, you laid the groundwork for establishing a new population of Indian rhinos in Burachapori Wildlife Sanctuary, helping to construct a large boma that will house the rhinos until they get used to their new home.
The International Rhino Foundation is privileged to count you as part of our amazing, inspiring and passionate rhino family. Please help keep the momentum going by continuing your support this year.
Thank you!

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