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Rhino Photo of the Week

Rhino Run Originally uploaded by daniovertherainbow   Photo by Dani Barrois, Australia I shot this image in the Lake…View Full Release »


New Rhino Baby Born in Uganda

Congratulations to mom Bella and her keepers and friends at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. Bella, a ten-year-old cow, gave birth…View Full Release »


Rhino Photo of the Week

Rhino Originally uploaded by The Doctor N Greater One Horned Rhino at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. Taken late afternoon last spring…View Full Release »


Even Indonesian Rhinos Wear Batik!

To celebrate UNESCO’s decision to add batik (a traditional dyeing technique) to its Intangible Cultural Heritage list, President Susilo Bambang…View Full Release »


Protecting Newly Translocated Rhinos in Manas National Park

In April 2008, two male greater one-horned rhinos were successfully translocated from Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary to Manas National Park in…View Full Release »


Poachers with Machine Guns Arrested in Way Kambas NP

By Sujoko, Head of Way Kambas RPU Our Intelligence and Law Enforcement Unit recently obtained information that poachers were using…View Full Release »


Watch Ricko the Rhino on his webcam!

As part of a special promotion by Mohawk to test their new SmartStrand carpet, Ricko, who lives at the Birmingham…View Full Release »


Five Hours in the River

Five Hours in the River By Amrodi, Way Kambas Rhino Protection Unit (RPU) One day, while patrolling in the northern…View Full Release »


A Javan Rhino Visited Our Camp Twice in One Night!

  By Jajat Sudrajat (Leader of Ujung Kulon RPU Unit II) My name is Jajat – I am the leader…View Full Release »


Crisis Zimbabwe Update – June 7, 2009

We translocated 22 in the end from Bubiana. Everyone was a relief to get out but some deserve special mention:…View Full Release »


Crisis Zimbabwe Update – June 5, 2009

  A Little Can Go a Long Way Although the challenges we face in Zimbabwe can seem overwhelming at times,…View Full Release »


Crisis Zimbabwe Update: May 30, 2009

Emergency Translocation Update from Natasha Anderson: May 21 – The translocation op is off to a good start. On day…View Full Release »

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