Our new arrival is almost here! Ratu’s due date approaches

Can you believe it? The new Sumatran rhino calf will be here in less than one month! IRF’s Executive Director, Dr. Susie Ellis, is already packing her bags for Indonesia in anticipation of the birth. She’ll be staying at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary for about two weeks to help support the team in Indonesia and welcome the new baby into the world. With only 100 Sumatran rhinos in the world, every single calf is extremely important.

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For the past month, IRF has invited you to host your own baby showers for Ratu and to contribute to showers started by our supporters. With less than a month until the due date, we’ve raised nearly $7,000 designated for the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary — and we still have a long way to go to reach our $20,000 goal.

So far, your generous donations have enabled IRF and its partners to prepare the maternity pen, provide the extra food that Ratu needs while she’s eating for two, and purchase the medical supplies needed for monitoring Ratu and the baby throughout the pregnancy. By completing our mission of raising $20,000, we can make sure that both a high-quality closed circuit TV system and a new radio system are operational prior to Ratu going into labor.

Ratu is due to her have her baby in a few weeks.
Ratu is due to her have her baby in a few weeks.

Sumatran rhinos are solitary creatures, and Ratu needs her privacy. With a CCTV video system, we can watch over mom and baby while giving them the privacy they need to bond, just as they would in the wild. Digital radios are the most reliable way for Ratu’s dedicated team of vets, specialists, and caregivers to securely communicate during and after the birth. Technology is a simple and effective means to ensure the safety of the new calf as it starts its life as an invaluable resource to Sumatran rhino conservation at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary.

Help us secure the next generation of this critically endangered species. Every donation, great or small, counts.

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