Meet the RPU Team Guarding Ratu and Protecting Sumatran Rhinos

Written by Hanif Muhammad – IRF Indonesia Liaison 

Ratu team
The nine-man Rhino Protection Unit pictured here with their supply packs is on special guard duty for the sumatran rhinos at the SRS.

The Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary (SRS) veterinarians weren’t the only ones preparing for Ratu’s second birth. A Rhino Protection Unit (RPU), usually working inside Way Kambas National Park, was stationed at the SRS to provide an extra layer of protection to the resident rhinos. The RPU began their special rotation at the SRS on May 2nd and continue to patrol there now the baby has been born. The RPU celebrated the successful birth of the new calf on May 12th and have greatly enjoyed their time at the SRS.

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