Do You ? Rhinos?

This Valentine’s Day share your love of rhinos with your sweetie with a Ku-Humelela felt rhino. 

Ku-Humelela felt rhinos are handcrafted by artisans in the village of Dumphries B on the border of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Each rhino features a big heart, and are a perfect way of expressing your love.

Ku-Humelela craft market was founded by the Africa Foundation, which supports projects that are identified by the communities and that will have a sustainable impact. Many women were seeking the opportunity to use their skills to create and sell crafts.

The women artisans are all from within one very isolated community that neighbors a conservation area. They were unemployed and supporting families, and wanted to use their skills. Unemployment in South Africa is currently sitting at 29%, with rural areas suffering the most from a lack of job opportunities.

KuHumelela Craft Market – Felt Rhino Makers. Many of these artisans were formerly unemployed, but with the help of the Africa Foundation, they now have a thriving business and a craft market for tourists.

Africa Foundation works specifically with rural communities that neighbour conservation areas, with the belief that empowered communities are better willing and able to protect the conservation areas around them, where rhinos and other wildlife live.

The artisans received training early in 2019 and now successfully manage the business, using available resources to create high quality products like the felt rhino. IRF is happy to bring their story to you and each purchase benefits the local artist, her community and wildlife conservation. What better way can you share the love?

Ku-Humelela felt rhinos are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift and now have a lower price. Order yours by Feb 10th to receive by Valentine’s Day at

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