Made in Africa with Love and Perfect For YOUR Love

Ku-Humelela felt rhinos are handcrafted by artisans in a rural village in South Africa that neighbors conservation area home to rhinos. Many of the artisans were unemployed, but with the help of the Africa Foundation, they now have a thriving business and a craft market for tourists.

Africa Foundation’s Small Business Development Program stimulates the potential for income generation through purposefully driven skills-training, linking small business into growing supply chains.

IRF is pleased to support these efforts as they have a direct impact on protecting rhinos by raising local incomes and awareness for the importance of wildlife conservation. 

Each felt rhino has a bright heart, a long standing symbol of love. It demonstrates the passion of the artisans and IRF’s for rhinos. It is a gift that will show your love as well.

Each rhino is unique and comes with a tag that displays the name of the person who made it. Here are a few of their stories:

It is an amazing privilege to have employment. I have struggled all my life and now that I work at KuHumelela Hub, my life is so much better than ever before. I stress less at the end of the month because I know that I have earned something for my children and I to buy food with. I have more skills now than ever before. I feel more confident and I am more creative. I was able to buy my son a birthday cake when it was his birthday, and that meant so much to him. I am so very happy to be part of a group of women that really appreciate my creativity.

Phumzile – Single mother of 3 children.

I can now buy electricity and food for my family and I. It feels like I am in heaven, because my fellow artists value my input and passion for the arts. These group of women understand me and I have never felt so welcome in a group or community. I have always wanted a job like this, but I did not know how or where to start it. I am so grateful for everything that I have learned and everything that I have experienced so far. I am happy and stress free everyday now.

Linky – Family provider.

My life has changed a lot. My children have seen a big change in me. I now get up in the mornings and I have a purpose. There is money for my children for lunch at school and at home. My kids are so proud of me and they stress less because I am happy and I am learning. They can now just be children. I can do tithing at my church. I have more confidence and I feel like a business owner. 

Lucy – Single mother of  4 children. 

Ku-Humelela felt rhinos are available in our store and available for your Valentine’s Day gift giving needs. Order yours by Feb 10th to receive by Feb. 14th at

Thanks to Africa Foundation for sharing these photos and stories of these wonderful women.

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