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IRF Staff Participates in Rhino Week at Zoos in Massachusetts

IRF Program Officer Bill Konstant recently visited two zoos in Massachusetts, Southwick’s Zoo in the town of Mendon and the…View Full Release »


Kudos to the Kudu for Squaring Off with a Rhino

It’s what you might call a mismatch – a 500- to 600-pound greater kudu squaring off with a white rhino…View Full Release »


Rhino Art? You be the judge.

Rhino art: a “butt painting” made by Stan, a popular white rhino at the North Carolina Zoo.


Year of the Rhino: IRF at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Annual Wildlife Conservation Leture Series

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium invited IRF program officer Bill Konstant to speak last week as part of its annual…View Full Release »


"Bowling for Badak" Indonesia Tour: Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary

To see rhinos in Indonesia, one must go to the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary (SRS), situated in Way Kambas National Park. …View Full Release »


Cinco de Rhino Revue

Just over a month ago, several institutions held public events to raise awareness and support for rhino conservation efforts. The…View Full Release »


On the Road with IRF: The 2013 International Rhino Keeper Workshop

The International Rhino Foundation is proud to partner with the UK’s Save the Rhino in support of critical rhino conservation…View Full Release »


Sumatran Rhino Crisis Summit

In just under a month, rhino specialist from around the world will convene the Sumatran Rhino Crisis Summit, a crucial…View Full Release »


Say "No" to Rhino Horns!

Say “No” to Rhino Horns! That’s the message that retired Chinese basketball superstar Yao Ming has for his fans back…View Full Release »


In Memory of Ipuh

Staff at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden is mourning the death of Ipuh, a male Sumatran rhino who came…View Full Release »