Canadian Software Company, RhinoFit, to Partner with the International Rhino Foundation

white-rhino-cutoutWeighing up to two tons, yet able to run fast enough to get a speeding ticket on a city street, rhinos symbolize what it takes to be “tough” and “strong.”  But, sometimes a thick skin isn’t enough. Sometimes even the toughest among us need help.
The International Rhino Foundation is dedicated to the conservation and protection of the world’s five remaining rhino species, while also supporting research projects that can help improve the species’ potential for long term survival.  “The IRF is a small but feisty organization that funds and operates field programs in Indonesia, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and India,” said Susie Ellis, Executive Director.  “We aim to protect the rhino species most in need of conservation, and to put our precious resources where they can do the most good.”
Canadian based software company, RhinoFit, recognizes the plight of the world’s rhino populations and has become the newest corporate partner of the International Rhino Foundation.
RhinoFit is an easy-to-use, web-based gym management service that provides gym owners the ability to save time and money as they grow their business. Their powerful and straightforward set of features includes automated payment processing, membership management, scheduling, workout and attendance tracking and much more. RhinoFit clients enjoy world-class customer service and having more time to do what they love – helping people get fit.
“The IRF is delighted to count RhinoFit among its corporate partners”, said Ellis. “RhinoFit stands out as an organization that is committed to its mission as well as furthering the cause of its branding image.”
RhinoFit chose the symbol of a rhino as their logo because they are rugged and powerful.  Their commitment to the International Rhino Foundation comes at a time when poaching rates are at the their all-time highest.  With the support of dedicated companies like RhinoFit, the IRF can continue to provide the vital support needed to keep rhinos around for future generations.
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