Black Rhino Translocations in Botswana

Black rhinos (Diceros bicornis) are among the most threatened rhino species – sadly, a number of populations have all but disappeared. In the 1980s, rampant rhino poaching extirpated Botswana’s black rhino population. Other countries also suffered heavy losses, but since then, the species has been slowly coming back. Black rhinos now number about 5,055 animals. For 8 years, the IRF has partnered with Wilderness Safaris with the aim of establishing a new population of black rhino in the Okavango Delta. With generous funding from the Tiffany & Co. Foundation, the International Rhino Foundation, in partnership with the Wilderness Wildlife Trust and Wilderness Safaris, we have now established a small population of black rhino (15 animals) in Botswana’s Okavango Delta translocated from South Africa’s SANParks and North West Parks. These animals will be joined by other black rhinos in early 2015 and hopefully will grow into a self-sustaining, viable population.

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