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Rhinos once roamed across most of Sub-Saharan Africa and ranged from India, throughout Southeast Asia, and across Indonesia archipelago. Every year, more and more rhinos are killed for their horn. Rhino populations have decreased by up to 96% over the last 100 years, with all five species now facing extinction from poaching and habitat loss.

Skyrocketing demand for rhino horn in Vietnam and China is fueling Africa’s poaching crisis.
Together, we can take a stand and stop the killing.
Field rangers are the front line of defense for rhinos. Living in the bush or forest for weeks on end, these men and women guard rhinos, track down and arrest poachers, remove snares, and transport rhino orphans and adults after poaching attacks.

Efforts are underway to stop consumer demand for rhino horn and encourage countries
to enforce their own laws prohibiting international trade in horn.

Unite with the International Rhino Foundation and fellow rhino lovers from around the world to help these species win their fight for survival. Join Team Rhino and pledge to stop poaching and commit to preserving the worlds’s rhinos for future generations.

I would like to join Team Rhino in the fight against rhino poaching to ensure a future for
people and the vulnerable wildlife on our planet.

I will never buy or promote any product made of rhino horn, as I know that the demand drives poaching.

I will be a committed advocate to support rangers and others on the frontlines of the rhino conservation.

I will share my passion about rhino conservation and recruit my firends and family to become involved.

I will urge my government to continue championing efforts to stop rhino poaching at home and abroad.

I will stand with IRF to help save rhinos from extinction.