World Rhino Day is September 22, 2013

World Rhino Day 2013
World Rhino Day 2013

September 22nd is just around the corner, a day that rhino enthusiasts around the world commit to the survival of these threatened creatures. Since members of the rhinoceros family first appeared on the evolutionary scene about 40 million years ago, more than 60 species have come and gone.
“Five Rhino Species Forever” is the motto of World Rhino Day. Granted, “Forever” is a very long time, but you get the point. No one wants to witness any of the world’s five living rhino species follow the dodo, the dinosaurs or the rhinos of yesteryear down the path to extinction.
Join in the effort to save white, black, greater one-horned, Sumatran and Javan rhinos!

One thought on “World Rhino Day is September 22, 2013

  1. It is just wonderful that so many people care about our precious Rhino species. Our World’s First Baby Rhino Orphanage was a year old on the 7th August 2013 and at the moment we have 11 babies recovering from their traumatic and horrific experience of having their parents slaughtered by poachers. We know many babies are not even found or the older ones panic and run and end up starving to death. But we are doing the best we an to save the ones we are lucky enough to find. HAPPY RHINO DAY for the 22nd SEPTEMBER to all the Rhino’s out there, with love and huge RHino Hugs from all at the Baby Rhino Orphanage is SOUTH AFRICA. XXX

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