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Rhinos at Risk 2018: Three African Rhinos Poached Every Day for Fifth Straight Year

    It is one month before World Rhino Day, and we urge governments and individuals to help “Keep the…View Full Release »


Give Your Love the Gift of Gray

Rhinos come… …in Five Shades of Gray. This Valentine’s Day, we’re ruminating over what attracts us to the world’s five…View Full Release »


The Colors of the Rhino

White rhinos aren’t white and black rhinos aren’t black. All rhinos are essentially grayish-brown, but often take on the color…View Full Release »


Rhino Art? You be the judge.

Rhino art: a “butt painting” made by Stan, a popular white rhino at the North Carolina Zoo.


2013 State of the Rhino

All five rhino species are threatened to some degree. Populations of two species – greater one-horned and white – were…View Full Release »