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Finding Hope for Rhinos Amid Loss

  Warning — Graphic Description Below Desperately trying to stay near her mother’s body after she was killed by poachers,…View Full Release »


Crisis in Manas: Mother rhino killed, leaving behind 2-week-old orphaned calf.

Two weeks ago, we proudly announced the birth of two new Indian rhinos in Manas National Park as part of…View Full Release »


Crisis Zimbabwe Update: April 21, 2009

Meet the Orphans – Part 1 The Lowveld Rhino Trust is currently raising five black rhino orphans, all of whom…View Full Release »


Crisis Zimbabwe Update – April 8, 2009

With the help of many, a young orphan survives In 2008, a young rhino calf, later called “Carla“, was shot…View Full Release »