One Rhino Makes a Huge Impact – And So Do You!

A 3-month old Javan rhino calf follows his mother through a lowland rainforest, looking for fresh young leaves to eat, or a mud pool for a quick wallow. He’s one of four Javan rhino calves (two males and two females) born this year – and each one has made a huge impact for their species. Javan rhinos are one of the most endangered mammal species on earth. The entire world population (merely 75 animals) could fit in one subway car – and they all live in Indonesia’s Ujung Kulon National Park. Every rhino counts.

Deforestation and land clearance for human settlements and farms has already wiped out rhino populations in seventeen countries. In the few places in the world where rhinos survive – the islands of Java and Sumatra in Indonesia, India, Nepal, and southern and eastern Africa – they are being pushed into increasingly small and fragmented habitats.

In Ujung Kulon National Park, IRF collaborates with the national park, local NGOs and local communities to remove arenga palm, a species that chokes out rhino food plants and limits Javan rhino habitat.

It’s an incredibly destructive circle – as forests and grasslands disappear, rhino populations dwindle. And as rhinos die, habitat loss accelerates, because rhinos actually help build the ecosystems in which they live. Rhinos disperse the seeds of grasses, plants and fruit they’ve eaten through their dung, in essence, “planting” trees and grasses themselves.

But with your help, the International Rhino Foundation (IRF) is working in partnership with local communities and local governments to reverse this cycle. Your contribution will replant forests, remove invasive species, restore degraded farmland and turn it into suitable habitat, and move rhinos back into areas where they previously roamed (under intensive monitoring and protection of course).

Can you donate today, to create new homes and new habitats for rhinos and countless other species?

A generous, long-time IRF donor has agreed to match every gift you make, dollar for dollar, from today until December 31st. For the rest of this year, your gift will go twice as far and make double the impact for rhinos and the communities living with them. 

By restoring rhino habitat, you’ll also create more habitat for tigers, elephants, orangutans, lions, leopards, giraffes and zebras – to name just a few. You’ll rebuild forests and grasslands that serve as critical carbon sinks. And you’ll provide environmentally-sustainable job opportunities for local people in rhino range states. 

You are vital in our efforts to protect rhinos from extinction. Please consider making your 2021 donation today – every donation will be doubled! You can become a monthly donor, donate stocks or securities, make a contribution from your donor-advised fund, or donate cryptocurrency.

Thank you as always for your continued support!