Happy Cinco de Rhino – How Five Bucks Can Save Five Species

Happy Cinco de Rhino! During this one day, we’re trying to raise $10,000 for rhino conservation – and to get people around the world talking about the importance of protecting endangered rhinos and their habitats. Can you help?

Please consider making a donation of $5 (or a multiple of $5) to help rhinos today.
Every gift, large or small, helps us do more.

$5 will buy one microchip to be implanted into a black rhino’s horn in Zimbabwe, so rangers can track and protect the animal.

$25 will pay for hiking boots for a ranger to walk hundreds of miles on patrol in Sumatra’s dense, steamy rainforests.

Photo by StopRhinoPoaching.com

$50 will buy food and medicine for sniffer dogs that rangers use to track poachers in Swaziland’s rhino reserves.

$250 will provide a full “kit” to a Javan rhino ranger – including clothing, tent, cooking supplies, machete, mosquito net, and headlamp.

$500 will purchase laboratory equipment to help vets at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary expand its captive breeding program.

Thank you for your support!

Please consider sharing this message using the buttons below with 5 friends and telling them about your commitment to protect rhinos from poachers and other threats. #TeamRhino #CincodeRhino

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