Thanks for visiting your local zoo!

We knew rhinos were your favorite!

Thanks for visiting your local zoo and supporting rhinos.

Accredited zoos play an important role in conservation efforts and the International Rhino Foundation is proud to partner with so many great zoos around the world (like the one you’re at right now!). Zoos contribute invaluable funding and technical expertise to our rhino conservation programs in Africa and Asia and by visiting and learning more about rhinos you’re playing an important role in conservation too!

  • White rhinos, unlike the other four rhinos species, are semi-social. Females and subadults generally live in groups or crashes, however bulls are often solitary.

  • Black rhinos are not black. The species probably derives its name as a distinction from the white rhino and/or from the dark-colored local soil that covers its skin after wallowing in mud.

  • Greater one-horned rhinos are grazers. When not grazing on land, animals like to immerse themselves in water, where they also graze on aquatic plants.

  • There are two more rhino species so rare, you won’t see them in zoos anywhere. Javan and Sumatran rhinos can only be found in Indonesia but by supporting your local zoo, you’re supporting all five rhino species, including the rarest!

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