Go Wild For Rhinos

Go Wild for Rhinos is a way to help rhinos by partying for a purpose. IRF and Blue Rhino are teaming up to bring you tools and ideas to help you spread awareness about rhinos and raise critical funds to help save them.


At the beginning of the 20th century, the worldwide rhino population numbered 500,000 animals. One hundred and twenty years later, only 27,000 survive. Illegal poaching for horn has decimated rhino populations, with at least 1 rhino killed every single day in Africa. Habitat loss and fragmentation caused by ever-increasing human populations also pose a severe and growing threat. 

Party Like a Rhino. Party For A Purpose.

How do you Go Wild for Rhinos? It’s easy, just invite your friends and family to a party for a purpose. You can gather in your backyard for a barbecue, hang out on your porch, or even get together online. You pick the place, Blue Rhino and IRF will help you plan the party. Download our Go Wild for Rhinos toolkit for party ideas, fundraising tips, grilling recipes from Blue Rhino and more!

Have fun as you celebrate rhinos and raise critical funds for protection and habitat restoration.


You can Go Wild for Rhinos any day of the year – here are some ideas to get you started!

  • Join IRF and Blue Rhino as we ‘Keep the Five Alive’ on 5/5 by raising awareness about the importance of protecting the five species of rhino.
  • Every year on September 22nd, rhino conservationists and fans around the globe celebrate World Rhino Day to highlight the work being done to save rhinos and their habitats.
  • Giving Tuesday is a national day of giving held annually on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.
  • Donate your birthday! We are so grateful to all the supporters that have used their birthday to ask for donations to rhino conservation instead of traditional gifts!
  • Any day you want to celebrate rhinos is a good day!