Celebrate Rhinos Everywhere on Cinco de Rhino!


Join the International Rhino Foundation on Sunday, May 5, 2019 for our Cinco de Rhino celebration! Throw a party with friends, share fun facts, run your own online fundraising campaign and donate to support research and conservation of the world’s rhino species.

During this one day, we’re trying to raise much needed funding for rhino conservation – and to get people around the world talking about the importance of protecting endangered rhinos and their habitats. Can you help?



Help Us Raise $10,000 for Rhino Conservation

Make a donation today, run your own online fundraising campaign or host a Cinco de Rhino event, to help raise funds – every little bit helps!

  • $5 will buy one microchip to be implanted into a black rhino’s horn in Zimbabwe, so rangers can track and protect the animal.
  • $25 will pay for hiking boots for a ranger to walk hundreds of miles on patrol in Sumatra’s dense, steamy rainforests.
  • $50 will buy food and medicine for sniffer dogs that rangers use to track poachers in Swaziland’s rhino reserves.
  • $250 will provide a full “kit” to a Javan rhino ranger – including clothing, tent, cooking supplies, machete, mosquito net, and headlamp.
  • $500 will purchase laboratory equipment to help vets at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary expand its captive breeding program.


Setup Your Own Facebook Fundraiser For Rhinos


Help us protect endangered rhinos around the world by hosting your own online fundraising campaign. It’s easy!

  1. Click this link to set up your own fundraiser on Facebook.
  2. Decide how much money you want to raise and the date when your fundraiser will end. $100-$200 is a common goal for these types of fundraisers, but you know your friends best! Select goals that will be inspiring to them. We recommend running a fundraiser for at least a week and ending on May 5th- Cinco de Rhino!
  3. Tell Your Story: Pick a title for your fundraiser- we recommend something like: “[Your name]’s Cinco de Rhino Fundraiser”.  Tell your friends why IRF is an important cause to you. Here’s where you can really make it personal OR feel free to cut and paste from our toolkit.
  4. Select a Cover Photo for your fundraiser – select edit to browse through our photos or upload one of your own.
  5. Click “Create” and your fundraiser is up and running! Don’t forget to thank your friends as donations come in! See our fundraising tip sheet for more advice on promoting your fundraiser.


For more information, download our Fundraiser toolkit here.




 Throw A Cinco de Rhino Party

Hosting is easy! Use our party guide with recipes and games to help you plan. Invite your friends, families and co-workers together for an unforgettable party.

And, if you want to use your Cinco de Rhino party to raise money for rhino conservation, ask your friends to donate in honor of the celebration!


Cinco de Rhino Party Toolkit

Cinco de Rhino Drink Menu

Cinco de Rhino Spotify Playlist

Download Rhino photos (.jpgs)

Know Your Rhinos Factsheet

Rhino Size Guide




Other Ways to Join In

Don’t have time to throw a party? No problem. There are lots of other fun ways to raise money and awareness for rhino conservation. Hold a spare change drive at your school or office, get a jump on your spring cleaning and have a yard sale, host a bake sale or lemonade stand, or create rhino artwork or t-shirts to sell. There are so many ways to help – be creative, and let us know what you come up with!


Learn More

Take the time to share information with your friends and family about how incredible the world’s rhino population really is. Share this fun fact sheet and enlighten everyone around!