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CITES and the Rhino Horn Trade

IRF believes that the rhino horn trade should not be legalized until there are convincing data indicating that legalization will…View Full Release »


Environmentalists Call for Trade Sanctions Against Mozambique for Rhino and Elephant Poaching

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 2, 2014 Contact: Maggie Dewane, Press Officer, EIA, 202-483-6621, mdewane@eia-global.org Susie Ellis, Executive Director, IRF, 540-660-4152,…View Full Release »


Please Stand with IRF in the Fight Against Wildlife Crime

We are dealing with an unprecedented level of illegal trade in rhino horn, which threatens to dismantle decades of conservation…View Full Release »


Rhino De-horning

Rhinos are sometimes de-horned to discourage poaching.  This rhino from Zimbabwe has been tranquilized for the procedure, which causes the…View Full Release »