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A Gift fit for a King … and Also a Pope!

Perhaps the most famous illustration of a rhinoceros ever made was an ink drawing or woodcut done nearly five centuries…View Full Release »


Seeking the Elusive Badak Jawa: Encounter with Javan Bantengs

Bill Konstant, Program Officer International Rhino Foundation A short hike from our landing point on the Ujung Kulon peninsula brings…View Full Release »


2009 Rhinos in Focus photo contest winners announced!

Thank you to all who participated in our first ever photo contest. Over 190 wonderful photos were submitted. See the…View Full Release »


Rhino Conservation Medicine Program Update

Rhinos at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary (SRS) in Way Kambas National Park Because there are so few Sumatran rhinoceros managed in…View Full Release »