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Rhinos at Risk 2018: Three African Rhinos Poached Every Day for Fifth Straight Year

    It is one month before World Rhino Day, and we urge governments and individuals to help “Keep the…View Full Release »


What do Greater One-horned rhinos fight with? Not what you think.

Indian or greater one-horned rhinos use their long lower canine teeth, not their horns, in aggressive or defensive encounters. They are…View Full Release »


2013 State of the Rhino

All five rhino species are threatened to some degree. Populations of two species – greater one-horned and white – were…View Full Release »


IRF and AAZK given the honor of naming 2 translocated rhinos.

Under the auspices of the Indian Rhino Vision 2020 conservation program, a total of 18 greater one-horned rhinos have been…View Full Release »


Crisis in Manas: Mother rhino killed, leaving behind 2-week-old orphaned calf.

Two weeks ago, we proudly announced the birth of two new Indian rhinos in Manas National Park as part of…View Full Release »