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The Javan Rhino's Final Stronghold

By Bill Konstant, IRF Program Officer August 27, 1883.  It’s been called “the day the world exploded.”  One hundred and…View Full Release »


"Bowling for Badak" IndonesiaTour

We’re Indonesia bound and bound to see badak, which means “rhinoceros” in Bahasa Indonesia, the national language.


Seeking the Elusive Badak Jawa: The First Signs of Rhino

It’s still Day 1 of our search for Javan rhinos and just a short hike from the clearing where we…View Full Release »


Seeking the Elusive Badak Jawa: Encounter with Javan Bantengs

Bill Konstant, Program Officer International Rhino Foundation A short hike from our landing point on the Ujung Kulon peninsula brings…View Full Release »


Going Undercover to Arrest Elephant Poachers

By Arief Rubianto, Intelligence and Law Enforcement Unit, YABI Translated by Inov My name is Arief Rubianto, and after many…View Full Release »


A Fading Dream

By Oliver Ryder May 30, 2007 In 1988 I traveled with my family behind the “Iron Curtain” to visit a…View Full Release »


Watch new video of the elusive Javan Rhino

Only 60 Javan rhinos are believed to survive and efforts to conserve them are hampered because so little is known…View Full Release »