Rhino Photo of the Week

This weeks photo of a black rhino is from Flickr user Filecat.
The photo was taken on August 10,2008 at Moremi Game Reserve (Botswana), North part of Chief Island.
Rhino activity in the area had been informed by a rhino project naturalist. Our guide Cisco had been tracking the rhino for 3 hours when he finally saw it running away. We drove fast and waited the rhino in the supossed area it was going to… and Cisco were rigth. We were lucky, we could see the rhino running, slowing down and passing by .. This is a female black rhino. The Rhino project has reintroduced some white rhinos in the Mombo area (North part of Moremi game reserve) but this one It seems to be one of the last Botswana black rhinos and she is waiting for some boy friends being reintroduced.
EOS 400D 300mm f5,6 1/500 ISO 200

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