AfricanNFT and The International Rhino Foundation Partner to Raise Awareness for African Artists and Protect Rhinos

December 17, 2021

Washington, DC and Johannesburg – African NFT and the International Rhino Foundation (IRF) have partnered to help African artists gain recognition in the emerging nonfungible token (NFT) digital art market and raise critical funds to protect rhinos across the continent.

The African content is rich with culture and tradition, and there are many African artists with immense potential, who have not had the opportunity to showcase their work. “Africa was the birthplace of art; however, African based artists have historically been excluded from the global art marketplace.,” said Jesko Hoffmann, one of the founders of African NFT. “We seek to change that.”

African NFT was designed to be the first platform dedicated solely to displaying, promoting, and selling African art through digital technologies such as blockchain and NFTs. Featured artists have different styles, modes and mediums of art. The initial project focuses on art featuring Africa’s “Big 5” wildlife which includes elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo and rhinos. Artists receive payment for their digital art based on the sales price of the NFT.

“By supporting conservation organizations that seek to protect wildlife, African NFT expresses both its pride and gratitude for African animals,” said Hoffmann. “We are excited to partner with IRF, donating a portion of the proceeds to help protect Africa’s rhinos.”

NFTs and cryptophilanthropy is new to conservation but support is growing rapidly. “IRF is please to share Africa’s talented artists with the world, and we thank them for playing an impactful role in conserving their local wildlife,” said Nina Fascione, IRF’s executive director. “The rhino art is striking and reminds us all how beautiful these creatures are and the critical role we all play in saving them from extinction.”

The “Big 5 Project” unique NFTS are now available for purchase at as well as the Open Seas marketplace. An auction is also being held to raise as many funds as possible for IRF in 2022. IRF will use all funds raised for projects and activities in Africa, including protection, monitoring, habitat restoration, community support and ongoing planned and emergency rhino operations.

“Each NFT represents something special,” said Hoffmann. “Each empowers African artists providing a future for art and culture, as well as providing ongoing support for conservation of our treasured wildlife.”

More information on the crisis facing rhinos in Africa is available at “It is critical that we all get involved in every way possible to protect rhinos before it is too late,” said Fascione.