Lowveld Rhino Trust in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s Lowveld region
Zimbabwe’s Lowveld region

The International Rhino Foundation supports the work of the Lowveld Rhino Trust, which monitors and manages populations of both black and white rhinos on private wildlife conservancies in southeastern Zimbabwe. In addition to rhinos, these conservancies are home to several other threatened African species including the southern ground hornbill white-backed vulture, secretary bird, cheetah, hippopotamus, elephant, lion and African wild dog.
Hippo Pool Serengeti NP Tanzania 052507 WRK 0009 low res

Cheetah Kill Maasai Mara Kenya 111306 WRK 0011 low res

Loxodonta africanus Malilangwe Zimbabwe 040614 WRK 036 low res

African Lion Maasai Mara Kenya 111206 WRK 0021

Lycaon pictus Save Valley Zimbabwe 040814 WRK 015 low res
African wild dog

Bucorvus cafer Houston Zoo 101004 WRK 0377 low res
Ground hornbill

Secretary bird Ngorongoro Conservation Area Tanzania 052407 WRK 0001 low res
Secretary bird

Gyps africanus Maasai Mara Kenya 111206 WRK 0050 low res
White-backed vulture


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