Endangered Feces Auction Update

whiterhino.jpgWe have just ended IRF’s Endangered Feces auction, ending with a total of 76 eBay bids, with a high bid of $1,075 for the white rhino specimen. We can’t wait to learn about the folks getting these special gifts.
The real winners, of course, are the rhinos. People are now more aware about the plight facing rhinos and are acting to help IRF to save them.  During the 10-day auction, we received nearly 11,000 visits to our website from 97 countries, 72 new readers subscribed to our e-newsletter, and online contributions, including rhino adoptions, are increasing significantly.  The message that touched us most, accompanied by a $200 donation, was, “Merry Christmas from the deserts of Iraq and this deployed Marine.”
The Endangered Feces auction was easily one of the wackier projects IRF has ever undertaken.  But it captured people’s imaginations and generated interest in rhinos all over the world.  Media coverage reached at least 3.5 million people.  There are more than 200,000 references to “rhino poop” on Google, and our YouTube video had more than 500 viewings – and a several 5-star ratings!
Throughout its 14-year history, one of IRF’s primary aims has been to encourage people to learn more about these magnificent creatures.  Rhinos have a reputation as being tough guys – but in reality they are quite fragile and the challenge to preserve populations worldwide has never been greater.  Together, we will face this challenge with optimism and determination to ensure a future for these magnificent species.
Thanks to each of you for your interest and support in the IRF and its work.

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