Help Rhinos


Protect what you love. Adopt a Rhino.

Rhinos across the globe are threatened by rampant poaching to feed illegal markets, by habitat loss, and by other factors ranging from inbreeding to invasive species. You can help provide care and protect them as well as plant new habitat by adopting a rhino.

You can symbolically adopt a rhino either in your own name, or as a gift for a relative or friend who supports wildlife conservation. Click on the photos below to learn more about each rhino and help you choose which ones you want to adopt.

For each adoption, you’ll receive:

  • A digital certificate to print
  • A digital photo of your adopted rhino to share on social media
  • A bio on your adopted rhino
  • An exclusive rhino adoption sticker

When you adopt a rhino, you’re protecting an imperiled rhino species and its habitat. Your rhino adoption funds IRF’s conservation programs for that species and ensures they can thrive in the wild.