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Please Stand with IRF in the Fight Against Wildlife Crime

We are dealing with an unprecedented level of illegal trade in rhino horn, which threatens to dismantle decades of conservation…View Full Release »


Wire snares and Rhinos

This white rhino has one droopy ear, the result of getting its head caught in a wire snare. The wire…View Full Release »


Superstitious Rhino poachers in Southern Africa

Superstitious Rhino poachers in southern Africa rely on muti, potions or fetishes they believe protect them from being caught or…View Full Release »


Second Group of Sambar Poachers Arrested in Way Kambas National Park

Less than a month ago, Rhino Protection Units (RPUs) discovered a group of six poachers who had killed three sambar…View Full Release »


Spotlight on RPUs: Sambar Poaching in Way Kambas National Park, Indonesia

Earlier this month, a Rhino Protection Unit (RPU) in Way Kambas National Park successfully arrested two groups of poachers.  The…View Full Release »