Key Publications

Rhino Managers Handbook – October 2019

Read the full publication: Concise best practice guidelines for the biological management of the African rhino. WWF-SA, October 2019.

Position Rhino on Horn Trade – March 2017

Download the Position Paper: Expression of Concern on the Draft Regulations for the Domestic Trade in Rhinoceros Horn or a Part, Product, or Derivative of Rhinoceros Horn. March 9, 2017

CITES CoP17 Related Documents

Download the Report: African and Asian Rhinoceroses – Status, Conservation, and Trade – A report from the IUCN Species Survival Commission (IUCN SSC) African and Asian Rhino Specialist Groups and TRAFFIC to the CITES Secretariat pursuant to Resolution Conf. 9.14 (Rev. CoP15)

Rhino Resource Center

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Rhino Husbandry Manual

Download the Manual

Rhino Tissue Protocols

Download the document.

Indian Rhino Vision 2020

Download the report