Elise Daffue

Founder, Stop Rhino Poaching
South Africa

Elise Daffue has been involved in the South African wildlife industry since 2000, when she became secretary of the Wildlife Translocation Association, which was established to professionalize the growing game capture industry. In 2004, she joined Bassair Aviation, a helicopter company specializing in wildlife work, where she managed its wildlife division and later became safety officer. Daffue founded StopRhinoPoaching.com in March 2010 to help address the poaching crisis in South Africa. Drawing on her knowledge and trusted contacts across private, provincial and national parks, Daffue has been able to channel funding support (approximately 5m South African Rand to date [$500,000 USD]) into tangible projects. She sits on the board of the Private Rhino Owners Association’s security committee, as well as the board of the Rhino Action Group Effort (RAGE). Daffue conducted the World Wildlife Fund’s survey of white rhinos on private land in 2012 and assisted with the Rhino Management Group’s black rhino survey on private land that same year. StopRhinoPoaching.com focuses on rhino security support for key rhino reserves and established security hubs, as well as relationship building and networking among stakeholders.