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Black Rhino Births in Zimbabwe Happy News After Poaching Crisis

Over 50 rhinos were killed by poachers in Bubye Valley Conservancy (BVC) in early 2019. This heavy poaching pressure resulted…View Full Release »


Life and Death in Ujung Kulon National Park – Javan Rhino News

On the morning of Monday, 23 April, a ranger team from Ujung Kulon National Park discovered the carcass of a…View Full Release »


A Few of our Favorite Things

© Gaschwald | Dreamstime.com For all of us, there is no greater joy than watching a rhino calf romp and…View Full Release »


Young Rhinos, Young Donors – Hope for the Future

Javan rhino calves offer new hope. They may be small, but their will to survive and thrive is mighty. Under…View Full Release »