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Harapan, a young male Sumatran rhino, was born at the Cincinnati Zoo in 2007 to mother Emi and father Ipuh. His parents were part of an international breeding program developed to increase the population of the critically endangered Sumatran rhino – now numbering no more than 100 individuals in the wild. Harapan was the third and final calf for Emi and Ipuh; his big brother, Andalas, born in 2001, was the first Sumatran rhino born in a zoo in 112 years.

Harapan spent time in three U.S. zoos over his first 8 years of life: the Cincinnati Zoo, White Oak Conservation Center in Florida, and the Los Angeles Zoo. ‘Harry,’ as he’s known to his friends, was moved to the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary (SRS) on 1 November 2015. Harapan’s move is an excellent example of international cooperation and coordination between the governments of the United States and Indonesia to save this critically endangered species. Like the other rhinos at the SRS, Harapan has access to a 20-acre open forest area where he can experience a semi-natural habitat while remaining safe from humans. SRS staff will gradually introduce Harapan to the resident females. Hopefully, Harapan will soon be an active participant in the Sumatran rhino breeding program. We can’t wait to meet Andatu and Delilah’s future cousins!